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3rd Asian School Cross Country Championship 2017

 2 - 6/ 12/ 2017  香港 Hong Kong

比賽資料 Competition Information 遴選安排 Selection Arrangement 集訓安排 Training Arrangement 代表團成員 Team Members ∣ 

賽前會議 Team Briefing行程及住宿 Itinerary & Accommodation 比賽成績 Competition Results

Due to inclement weather conditions, training scheduled on 24 / 5 / 2017 (Wed) at Tsing Yi Sports Ground of the Asian Schools Cross Country Championship 2017 will be cancelled.

比賽資料 Competition Information

日期 Date : 2 -  6/ 12/ 2017  
比賽日 Competition : 4 / 12 / 2017
地點 Venue : 香港哥爾夫球會(粉嶺) Hong Kong Golf Club (Fanling)  


Participating Teams
: 中國、印度、印尼、伊朗、哈薩克斯坦、馬來西亞、澳門、新加坡、斯里蘭卡、泰國及香港 China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Macau, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Hong Kong 

遴選安排 Selection Arrangement  

日期 Date: 10/ 4/ 2017  
時間 Time: 0930 - 1300  
地點 Venue: 香港哥爾夫球會(粉嶺) 舊場 1-4洞 The old course hole 1 to 4, Hong Kong Golf Club (Fanling)
距離 Distance: U17 Boys & Girls (3 laps, approximately 6km);  U15 Boys & Girls (2 laps, approximately 4km)
  路線 Route: 與港九區校際越野跑D1路線相似(線路為反方向) similar route as Inter-School Cross Country Competition 2016-2017 Division 1 (Running anti-clock wise)
遴選資料 Selection Trial Information  
遴選賽章則 Selection Trial General Rules  (上載於 Uploaded on : 6/4/2017)
遴選賽時間表 Selection Trial Schedule  (上載於 Uploaded on : 05/04/2017)
遴選賽賽道簡介及注意事項 Selection Trial Race Briefing & Reminder  (上載於 Uploaded on : 6/4/2017)
    Closing Date 截止報名 : 13/3/2017 (Mon一) by 4:00pm
遴選表格Nomination Form   (上載於 Uploaded on : 22/02/2017)
遴選賽運動員名單 Selection Trial Participating List 

女子組Girls       U17 Participating List    |   U15 Participating List

男子組Boys       U17 Participating List     |   U15 Participating List

 (上載於 Uploaded on : 6/4/2017)
  **All participating athletes must check respective bibs no. listed in the Participating list**
邀請運動員名單 Invitation List  (上載於 Uploaded on : 22/3/2017)

集訓安排 Training Arrangement

第一階段集訓名單 1st stage Training Squad List  (上載於 Uploaded on : 11/4/2017)
  男子組 Boys Category
  女子組 Girls Category
第一階段集訓時間表 1st stage Training Schedule  (上載於 Uploaded on : 4/5/2017)
  代表團成員 Team Members
香港代表團名單 Hong Kong Team List    (上載於 Uploaded on :   )  
會議 Team Meeting
授旗典禮 Flag Presentation Ceremony  
曰期 Date  
時間 Time  
地點 Venue  
比賽成績 Competition Results
成績冊 Result Book   

比賽相片 Photos Gallery

相片集 Photo Gallery  

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