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Remarks: This Tournament is a sanctioned event of the HKAAA.  For results to be included in the Hong Kong Ranking and used for selection to Hong Kong Athletic Team, athletes must have current valid  HKAAA registration number. Registered athlete must fax reply the HKAAA athlete registration number reply slip to HKSSF on or before 29th March 2017. If has any false information, this result(s) will be disqualified and may have further punishment.

 For registration details, please visit

Athletes with HKAAA Affiliated clubs can apply via their respective clubs, for non-member of HKAAA affiliated clubs athletes, athletes require to bring along the HKAAA Registered Athletes application form and endorsed by HKSSF before sending the application to HKAAA.
     田總運動員註冊號碼回條 HKAAA Athlete Registration Number Reply Slip
比賽詳情 Competition Details
   日期  Date 1 - 2/ 4/ 2017 ( SAT、日SUN  )
  時間  Time 08:00 - 18:00
  地點  Venue灣仔運動場 Wan Chai Sports Ground
比賽詳情 Competition Details
 比賽章則 General Rules                 截止報名日期 Closing Date : 
 公開提名報名表 Application Form for Open Nomination  10/ 3/ 2017 ( FRI)
        男子個人項目 Individual Events for Boys
        女子個人項目 Individual Events for Girls
        接力表格 Relay Events
     比賽及器械標準 Event & Equipment Standards
    賽程表 Competition Schedule   (上載於 Uploaded on : 20/2/2017 )
    邀請運動員名單 Invitation List:  男子 Boys | 女子 Girls (更新於 Updated on : 7/3/2017 )
    公開提名運動員名單 Open Nomination List:  男子 Boys | 女子 Girls

 請各學校查閱以確保資料準確。如發現任何錯誤或遺漏,請於322(二)中午12時前致電 2768 8212與本會職員聯絡。
 Please report to HKSSF’s secretariat at 2768 8212 in case of any missing or incorrect data before 12:00 noon, 22 March 2017 (Tuseday).

(更新於 Updated on : 22/3/2017 )
    參賽者名單 Participating List 

      男子組 Boys     |    女子組 Girls 
(更新於 Updated on : 22/3/2017 )
 工作人員及裁判名錄 Referees & Officials List  (更新於 Updated on : 29/3/2017 )
Nominated officials of participating schools are not required to officiate in this Tournament, if he/she is not listed on the Referees & Officials List
    比賽規則 Competition Rules (上載於 Uploaded on : 28/3/2017 )
   場刊 Program: Day 1 | Day 2 (上載於 Uploaded on : 30/3/2017 )
 線道表 Start List : 男子 Boys | 女子 Girls (更新於 Updated on : 28/3/2017 )
 接力表格 Relay Form : 4 x 100m | 4 x 400m
Athletes participating in Relay Events must bring completed RELAY FORM and Student Registration Card to roll call  at reporting time.

   場地佈置圖 Wan Chai Sports Ground Layout Plan
比賽成績 Competition Result
 總成績 Overall Result  : 男子 Boys | 女子 Girls (更新於 Updated on : 20/4/2017)
相片集Photo Gallery
相片集 Photo Gallery   

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