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ISF World School Basketball Championship 2024

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比賽資料 Competition Information

日期 Date : 23/6 -3/7/2024  

地點 Venue : 中國澳門 Macao, China  

遴選安排  Selection Arrangement

受天雨影響,今日(4月6日)下午1:00-5:00於廠商會中學舉行之世界中學生籃球錦標賽遴選 將會取消。 補選日期將於星期一   4月8日下午於網上公布。

Due to bad weather, the selection trial of ISF World School Basketball Championship 2024 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm on April 6 2024 will be cancelled. The latest selection arrangement will be announced on the website on April 8 2024 (Monday) in the afternoon
遴選 Selection
組別 Category 時段 Section 日期 Date 時間 Time 地點 Venue
Boys and Girls
1  27 / 3 / 2024 (Wed) 15:00 - 18:00 廠商會中學
CMA Secondary School
(298 Nam Cheong St, Shek Kip Mei)
2 6 / 4 / 2024 (Sat)
延期至 13/4 (六) 舉行
Postponed to 13
/4 (Sat)
13:00 - 17:00

訓練 Training
組別 Category 日期 Date 時間 Time 地點 Venue
  參與訓練回條 Training reply slip  
通告 Circular 20 MAR 2024
All selection entries must input valid student athlete registration number in nomination form. No student shall be allowed to participate in the selection trials if he/she fails to produce his/her valid student athletes registration card before the start of selection trial during reporting.

提名表 Nomination Form  截止報名 Closing Date :  
25 MAR 2024 (Mon)
參加遴選名單 - 時段 1 Selection Trial Participating List  - Section 1
26 MAR 2024
  男子 Boys  
  女子 Girls  
參加遴選名單 - 時段 2 Selection Trial Participating List  - Section 2  
  男子 Boys  
  女子 Girls  

集訓安排 Training Arrangement  

集訓時間表 Training Schedule  
  男子 Boys   |   女子 Girls  
集訓名單 Training List  
  男子 Boys   |   女子 Girls  
學生請假通知書 Student Leave Notification Form  

代表隊成員 Team Members

Hong Kong Schools Basketball Team List

授旗禮及賽前會議 Flag Presentation Ceremony & Team Briefing 

(預賽 Preliminary Round)  

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時間 Time :  
  地點 Venue :  
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行程、住宿及比賽時間表 Itinerary, Accommodation & Competition

行程及住宿 Itinerary & Accommodation

比賽賽程 Competition Schedule

比賽成績 Competition Results

成績 Results  

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